What's The Score?

by Snow Roller

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Taylor Jay
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Taylor Jay very average rock band, except u can't hear the bass though lol. really enjoy this group. Favorite track: Living The Dreamshake.
Vince McHugh-Carroll uh
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Vince McHugh-Carroll uh Dig the guitars, lyrics, and vocals, drums are fine too, bass also but like the average rock band u can't hear it lol, really enjoy this group Favorite track: Same Reasons.
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Broken World Media released the album on cassette tape and Good Cheer Records released it on cd

Drums recorded by Matt Thomson at Ivy League Recording Studios
Everything else recorded by Snow Roller at the 212
Mixed and Mastered by Sean Fahey, Esq.
Duck Painted by Lena Dechamps
Layout by Mac Pogue

Vox/Guitar Collin Kritz Vox/Guitar Tyler Bussey Bass Christian Martinez Drums Nathan Tucker


released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Snow Roller Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Too Good
I don't know you yet but I know where you go
When you're at home do you cook and clean
Eat fresh fruit use Vaseline on your lips that aren't chapped yet
My goodness, you seen so far, I hate going to bars for fear of being lonely
Can you repeat what you said? I was thinking of Fred
His dog loves him so much

I know it's fake but you were never really there
And it still eats me up from the inside
My god, I hope to see you soon
I'd give you more room, if I wasn't so tired
Track Name: Same Reasons
Should I practice what I preach?
So I know what to say When I get off my leash
Can you drink when you're this high?
Because you just bought a pack of beers and you're living check to check

I still think about your name
I know it's different now but I still feel the same
I know it's fucked up that you're still fucked up and you want to drive us home

Should you try to make this real?
Or do you just make it up and see how it feels
I'd like to think it's gonna work out
But you live too fast and doubt my day to day

Still throwing up. Same reasons why I don't feel the same way
It's not worth it, and I'm worthless, so you can drive me home

Even though you told me explicitly so
I already know just what I'll do
You're gonna have to help me to see this one through
Track Name: Kidney Stone
From where I stand, this looks to be hell but your hands will cover my eyes so I can't tell
What's real and what's pretend, when it started and when it will end
I coughed up chunks and spoke too soon, you drank up coffee but you wouldn't steal a glance
It's never right to tug the fishing line but never really bite

And I'm sorry it works that way, but I hope you never stay in one place and get caught up in life you can't give up
Within reason, I hope you never change, three jobs that pay a livable way
I despise the way you go to work while I'm stuck in the dark

I took a peak, so to speak. It was a let down but now I know
What to eat, how to breath. When you wake up and make your bed
To what end? Maybe pretend you know how other people feel
When you deal with your day to day like it's your only job

Do contracts bind you in? Because you're losing your soft touch
And hold yourself to blame while everyone feels the exact same way
And do alright in their own personal ways
I would like to spend at least one more day in your comfy room.
While you're tucked into bed and nestled in

But you're trying to breath. It's not easy to see whats really good for you
You're reading out loud, and you're way too proud of books you'll never own
So you'll think back and laugh and look down at the staff of your restaurant chain.
But they're the same as you. They're not trying to lose their minds one day at a time

You came out to see how life could be lived differently
So let's walk and talk through the dog park, i swear it never rains

Because his could make you happier
Why aren't you happier?
Track Name: Afterthought
What happened first? Not sure who to thank yet
Spanked at birth. "The best placenta I've ever seen" He was sure
That they were the best. But she represents a fiction.
Present depressed. Nobody cares to ask her why.
It's understood

Before you count it out, may I have a word?
Sometimes it's not my way to be. So comfortably around the thoughts that you swim in
It's and afterthought from what you saw and who you are

It's nice to meet somebody with such amazing eyes
Half of the time you don't see me very well
Despite great eyes

Is it really true? The things you said
I don't know you at all.
instead you can just fill gaps
And take a whack at the happy life you dream of
Put simply, you've completely lost what you never had
Track Name: Fritz Brickle
I ripped my pants, I cut my hand
I'll sit through the worst local bands
If I can get to you, I won't know what to do
I got up late, forgot to pee
I feel sorry you talk to me
'Cause that's what scumbags do
And I'm a scumbag too

We never talk, I get upset
I'm willing to make a bet
That we are one in the same
So I'll just take the blame
Not good enough to have no doubt
When I talk I tend to shout
'Cause I'm a piece of shit
Who never learned to quit

Should I be obsessed? Knowing i'll get the second best option for me
It's so easy to see when you have your contacts in your eyes
And I swear I'm not feeding you lies
That its gotta be this way
But I don't want it to be this way
Track Name: Living The Dreamshake
These shoes are worn
They stink of feet, so be forewarned
I can't be blamed for all the bites that you have
Or the fleas that won't die in the rain

I see the same things as you
I'll even try to act competent too
I believe in you
Like you want me to

She collects her change
Compulsively so, she can't live off minimum wage
You're the one that needs to see this out through the end
But you cover it up and write it off as just pretend

I see the same things as you
I swear I'll try to match your gratitude
I believe in you
Like you want me to

I see the same things as you
But I'll never match your aptitude
I believe in you
Like you want me to

Do you remember the sound when the ball went out of bounds
While you were up and away, we always play these games
Track Name: Cycling
got a few dark thoughts I'm cycling through
and a bright idea I haven't used
it's too loud to think here
let alone to speak
construction in our heads
tearing up the concrete
just to figure out
it's not enough for me

I have this vision about burning the apartment building down,
I still dream about you.
how the fuck was I supposed to handle
something new?

I wish I knew it all
before I got into this
how it's gonna go
before I start losing it

"I'm already someone else,
it's a consequence of getting close.
you know I warned you from the start I could get mean."
we're awake each morning, a couple cusps, more and more exhausted.
can I just get some room to breath?

did we lose ourselves
in a union of difference?
can I love you through
the immutable distance?
the immutable distance, distance, distance...
I think I need a little distance
Track Name: Say More
Need I say more or have I said too much?
I don't usually get off on skipping lunch
But it's never as simple as you might need it
And I could see it, I'd try and make it fit
I hear a pile, you ask me to stay a while
To reminisce on imagined excited
Take what you can get, I'll sit here lament, kvetch, moan
Whatever you want to say

Cover me? You're the one that comes off cowardly
Sitting on your free time, can you see clearly?
If you always fight for your self worth from the you die
It started at birth

It was a lot so you for a run
Stayed out too long, got burned by the sun
Kept running, leaves fell, babies cried
Heart felt alive, brain was deep fried

Really, just how numb can you be
Ignoring all the signs, so you spend time freely
You never know what'll happen next
But I'm pretty sure you'll crumble like the rest

Somewhere between here and there, you'll drink a beer and probably regret it
Saw colors like green and brown, so I crawled deep down and said something obscene
Track Name: Kar Kar Binks
I'll take what you don't want
There's not enough I bought into
It doesn't mean that much to me
Unless it means the world to you
Is what i meant to say
Do you think you'll feel okay?

There's a lot for us to take from this, I'm sure
I'm just looking for a clean break, and then I'll go to
The cause of the mess that we always make
It just give and take

I'll take what you don't need
There's not enough time to see
The look that's on your face
I borrow your book and lost your place
I swear I mean to ask
Does anything good ever last?